VISCO920 Rotacioni Digitalni Viskozimetar po Brukfildu

Digitalni Rotacioni Viskozimetar po Brukfildu sa temperaturnom kompenzacijom, ekranom osetljivim na dodir, ukljucena cetiri vretena za viskozimetar.


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  • The VISCO920 series rotary viscometer is perfectly integrated with touch screen technology, and uses a fashionable and modern high technology to measure viscosity quickly, accurately and conveniently. Powerful, stepless debugging, can measure ultra-high viscosity samples. It can build 30 sets of test programs by itself and save 30 ancestor test data. The 5-inch large color touch screen can comprehensively and visually display various parameters and working conditions. It has obvious advantages such as multiple measurement parameters, rich display content, convenient operation, intuitive reading, high measurement accuracy, stable rotation speed, strong anti-interference performance, curve showing shear rate and viscosity, and wide working voltage. It can replace similar imported instruments.Main Features:
    • Adopt ARM technology, built-in Linux system. The operation interface is simple and clear, through the creation of test procedures and data Analysis, quick and convenient viscosity test;
    • Accurate viscosity measurement: each range is automatically calibrated by computer, with high accuracy and small error;
    • Rich display content: In addition to viscosity (dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity), there are temperature, shear rate, shear stress, measured value as a percentage of full scale value (graphic display), range overflow alarm, self maximum scanning range, date, time, etc. under dynamic scanning, current rotor speed combination. and It can display kinematic viscosity under the condition of known density to meet different measurement requirements of users;
    • Complete functions: timing measurement, self-built 30 sets of test programs, access to 30 sets of measurement data, real-time display of viscosity Curves, print data and curves, etc.;
    • Front level gauge: level adjustment is intuitive and convenient;
    • Stepless speed regulation: VISCO920 series: 0.3-100 revolutions, a total of 998 speeds VISCO920E series: 0.1-200 rpm, a total of 2000 speeds
    • Display the curve of shear rate versus viscosity: the range of shear rate can be set and displayed on the computer in real time; also Curve showing time versus viscosity
    • Optional Pt100 temperature probe: wide temperature measurement range, from -20 to 300℃, temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1℃;
    • Various optional accessories: constant temperature bath for viscometer, constant temperature cup, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil) Wait;


    Stepless speed regulation VISCO 920 Series series viscometer can measure a very large range, from 1 to 320 million mPa.S, covering almost most of the samples.

    The performance is equivalent to the imported viscometer of the same type and can be used instead.


    Widely used in paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent-based adhesives, latex, biochemical products and other industries and samples that need to be heated and melted such as paraffin, polyethylene wax, rosin, asphalt, heat Melt glue etc.



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