COTS7700 Portable Spectro-Colorimeter

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  • Illumination/observation system: d/0 (diffused illumination, 0-degree viewing angle)
  • Combined LED light/ pulsed Xenon lamp source with high life and low power consumption;
  • Accurate spectrum and lab data, used for color matching and accurate color transmission;
  • High hardware configuration: 3.5-inch TFT true color screen, capacitive touch screen, 1000 line blazed grating, silicon photocell array detector with large photosensitive area, etc;
  • USB / Bluetooth / RS-232C communication mode, wider adaptability;
  • Super dirt resistant and stable standard white calibration board;
  • Large capacity storage space, which can store more than 30000 pieces of test data;
  • Sensor: Silicone photodiode cells;
  • Measurement Time: about 1s;
  • Color Space: L*a*b, XYZ, Yxy, L*C*h, CIE LUV,s-RGB, Hunter Lab, βxy, Munsell (only illuminat C)
  • Display Data: Spectrorgam/Values, Chrom values, Color Difference Value/Graph, PASS/WARN/FAIL Result, Color Offset;
  • Colorimetric Value: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.02 (Measurement conditions: white calibration plate measured 30 times at 5 seconds intervals after white calibration was performed.);
  • Camera locating position and Stabilizer cross measurement position;
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • PC software has powerful function expansion.
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