RAKAPOSHI430 Temperature-Humidity-Light-Climate Chamber


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The COLO RAKAPOSHI430  Climate Humidity Chambers, are designed to be the ultimate device in your laboratory where you can, under precise temperature conditions, cultivate bacteria for microbial testing, incubating of cell cultures for in vitro fertilization…

Precision temperature sensor, programmable thermo controller, interior and exterior made of high quality materials, will give your work precision and comfort. Different types with above and below room temperature, CO2 incubators, incubators with shaking, with light it will help you to perform stability test in pharmacy, industry, medicine research …

Forced air circulation microprocessor controlled, provide high temperature uniformity in chamber and protect your samples. Corrosion resistant material is ideal for easy cleaning and long term exploitation. The short heating up time saves your time during the work process.  High quality insulation prevents heat loss and saves your energy.

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