MBINCO 160L Laboratory CO2 Incubator

Sensitive far infrared CO2 sensor and automatic calibration function brings about accurate control of CO2 concentration.
● HEPA filter installed inside ensures the inner air quality reaches level 100.
● Breeze circulation system brings no effect to the cell culturing.
● When the door is open, the fan will stop to keep from the convection of internal air and external air, and heating system will stop to prevent over temperature.
● Direct 6-side heating wire heating, and air jacket design bring about short warming up time, no over temperature, and good uniformity.
● SUS304 Cu mirror stainless steel chamber with foursquare arc transition design can keep from bacteria and experiment contamination.

● Bottom heating natural evaporation humidification plate ensures high humidity culturing environment
● Hidden UV lamp sterilizes the water in the humidification plate and the circulating air to make the experiment environment clean.
● double layer door design: reinforced glass internal door makes sure the scalability.
● Adjustable direction of door opening meets different custom users.
● Internal door heating system keeps from moisture condensing.
● Air inlet HEPA DUF filters dust of which diameter is larger than 0.33 um with efficiency of 99.97%, and minimize the pollution in the working chamber.
● Over-temperature alarm, CO2 concentration abnormality alarm, and warning water level alarm.
● Convenient PID operation: running with data set and time set, automatic shut-down based on setting, and automatic recovery to previous status after power outage and recovery .
● Special function key for temperature setting.
● Auxiliary menus make over-temperature alarm, deviation adjusting, and menu lock come true.


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Laboratory Microbiological Incubator with LCD microprocessor display.

 Digital temperature control
 High temperature uniformity
 Heating Temperature range RT +3 – 60C
 Corrosion resistant steel chamber with rounded corners
 Built in glass for sample observation
 Auto control fan speed
 Function self check in
 Shelves 3 supplied
 Timer function: 0-9999 min


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