LACE16RH High Speed refrigerated centrifuge

  • Max. Speed: 16000rpm
  • Max. Capacity 6 x 100ml
  • 15 type angle rotors


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LACE-16RH – High speed, compact, table top, micro refrigerated laboratory centrifuge LACE16R with different type of angle rotors, is standard scientific laboratory centrifuge widely used in the field of molecular biology. With speed of 16000rpm  with 19040xg of centrifugal force, and with versatile selection of rotors and adapters will make your work in laboratory easier and more efficient. Fast and powerful-cooling.

  • Max. Speed: 16000rpm
  • Max. Capacity 6 x 100ml
  • 15 type angle rotors
  • Brushless motor
  • Lid lock safety
  • Speed and breaking adjustment
  • Steel motor casing and metal centrifuge body
  • Timer: 0-99 min
  • Temperature range: -20C°-40C°
  • Conversion of RPM and RCF
  • Overheating and over-weight protection
  • Weight: 82kg/94kg
  • Power supply: 220V AC
  • Display shows rotation speed, time, rotor number, and RCF
  • Noise level: <55dBA


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Technical Specification

Display Type


Rotor Included

12X1,5/2 ml

Technical Details

R30416 Angle Rotor 15000rpm/30×0,5ml/18510xg
R30402 Angle Rotor 40X0,5 ml 14000rpm/19970 xg
R30403 Angle rotor 24×1.5/2ml/ 15000rpm/21600xg
R30404 Angle Rotor 30×1.5/2ml/13500rpm/19340xg
R30405 Angle Rotor 16x5ml/15000rpm/19350xg
R30406 Angle Rotor 12x7ml (14000 rpm/16370 xg)
R30408 Angle rotor 12×10ml (13000rpm, 14510g)
R30407 Angle Rotor 12x15ml (10000rpm x 11840xg)
R30409 Angle Rotor 8x20ml/12000rpm/14510xg
R30410 Angle Rotor 6x30ml (12000rpm/14000xg)
R30411 Angle Rotor 6×50ml/11000rpm/13480xg
R30412 Angle Rotor 6x70ml/10000rpm/10810xg
R30413 Angle Rotor 4x100ml/12000rpm/14850xg
R30414 Angle Rotor 6 x 100ml 8000rpm/7280xg

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